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Family Rides Out Storm From Lake Waurika Campsite

LAKE WAURIKA, Okla._Strong storms tore through Texhoma Thursday night leaving behind a trail of damage and debris in western Jefferson County.

Residents said the first storm hit hard and fast about five o'clock Thursday.

The storm left close to 500 residents in Jefferson County without power. Winds up to 75 miles per hour shook travel trailers and ripped awnings off campsites at Lake Waurika.

For Texas resident Misty Harrison and her family, Thursday's storm was a traumatic experience. She came to Lake Waurika for a relaxing weekend with her family before the school year started for her two young girls. But it quickly became stressful as Thursday's storm shook their campsite.

"It was very, very scary," said Harrison.

Harrison and her family had only been at their campsite at Lake Waurika for a couple of hours. They were preparing to cook dinner when they saw the storm brewing across the lake.

"It came very quickly. We were sitting out and just had enough time to try to get into our camper. As we got into our camper, it shifted and fell off our jacks. When it shifted, we immediately thought it was going to go over," said Harrison.

That's when misty and her husband knew they had to take refuge outside. There was no other safe place to go.

"We came out of the camper and the winds were blowing. We huddled right here. We were going to get on this side, but the camper was shaking. Then we thought it was going to come this way, and we couldn't come over here because things were still blowing. So we were right here huddled," said Harrison. 

It's in that spot that they endured the storm. Misty said it only lasted about ten minutes. But to her and her family, it felt like a lifetime.

"We were basically out in the middle of it, hovering in the corner seeing our camper kind of lift, shift, and move. We were afraid it was going to hit us," said Harrison.

But that wasn't the end of the storms for Misty and her family. They were awakened from their sleep only hours later to their worst nightmare, the camper shifting again.

"That time we had a plan to go to our vehicle. So we go into the vehicle and set there where we felt a little safer. We just watched it, and were praying that it would pass quickly," said Harrison.

For Misty and her family, Thursday night was quite the experience. She said that they had no idea what would happen next, and it was hard to expect anything but the worst.

"Something bad like we just might not even make it. We just didn't know what was going to happen," said Harrison.

Both Misty and her husband have some battle wounds to show from Thursday night's storm, but the cuts and bruises are minor. They are just happy their family is safe and that the damage was limited.

Crews from west Texas were still working Friday afternoon to repair the 75 power poles taken out during this storm in western Jefferson County, but very few power outages remain.

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