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"Project X" gets area Skaters one step closer to a new Skate Park

LAWTON, Okla._Skating, motocross, food, and music brought hundreds of people to McMahon Skate Park Saturday for an event named Project X.

The project was a culmination of a skateboarding competition and musical festival filled with a host of artists from five different genres.

The local organization "We Are Lawton" hosted the event in an effort to unite the community. They're also hoping Saturday's event will help raise money for a new and improved skate park to be built in Elmer Thomas Park.

For some many area skaters, going to the skate park is something they do everyday. It's fun and good exercise, but they say the declining conditions are making it hard for them to continue their passion. That's why one Lawton native that grew up with a love for skating and BMX joined the cause.

"It is so important for me to give back to Lawton because I grew up here," said Jimmie McGuire.

Today, Lawton native Jimmie McGuire is a professional freestyle motocross rider. However, he has not forgotten what it was like to grow up in Lawton with a passion for sports like skating and BMX.

"When I grew up here, my buddies and I were constantly looking for where we could ride BMX and stuff," said McGuire.

And skateboarder Dakota Camp can relate. He has been skating since he was 10 years-old. And while he is happy to have the skate park, he said that it is small and beginning to show its age.

"This one is kind of falling apart. It is kind of dangerous for the younger kids that are coming out here," said Camp.

Camp said that skating is something that so many of Lawton's youth do for fun, and it keeps a lot of the community's youth out of trouble. He said a new skate park will benefit the whole community.

"I have been out since it was opened cruising around, and I watched it fall apart. So a nice good concrete park will definitely make a lot more for people to do in Lawton, especially the kids," said Camp.

And McGuire agrees. It's all about the kids and community unity. He lives in California now, but said that he has close ties to Lawton. To him, being a part of Project X means helping to give Lawton's youth a safe place to have fun and practice their passion.

"I'm in the sport. I am part of the sport. And I want to be able to give back to the kids," said McGuire. 

The coordinators of Project X chose to raise money for a new skate park. They said it's something used by people of all backgrounds and ages. A fact that most people do not realize.

The money raised through Saturday's Project X Festival will help support the City of Lawton's plans for a new state-of-the-art skate park in Elmer Thomas Park. No date has been set for that project to begin.


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