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16-year-old identified as triggerman in Duncan killing

Duncan_Investigators say the 16-year-old suspect in last week's random killing of a college student in Duncan has been identified as the triggerman.

Police tell us it was one fatal round to the back that took Christopher Lane's life. Lane was killed Friday afternoon while he was taking a jog through a quiet neighborhood on Country Club Drive. Lane was an Australian National who was attending college at East Central University in Ada, on a baseball scholarship.

Police also got a straight confession from the 17-year-old suspect confirming what they had already believed -- the boys just wanted to kill.

Duncan police also say the murder weapon as yet to be recovered. A dismantled shotgun was found in the suspects' car but they do not believe that was the weapon used to commit the crime.

The suspects' names will not be released until they are formally charged, which should take place Tuesday.

This shooting is just the latest in a string of violent crimes committed by juveniles in Duncan and, while they are isolated, police believe they all may have something in common.

From the murder of Alyssa Wiles back in June, allegedly killed by a former boyfriend, who is also 16, to numerous armed robberies, to this latest killing, Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford believes lack of parental supervision may be the reason behind the juvenile suspects' acting out.

"If you look at the background of these kids you'll basically find parental influence has either not been there or criminal influence has basically taken the same path."

But the father of one of the suspects tells us that's not the case. The father of the 15 year old told 7NEWS off-camera that he's shocked. He says he typically knows where his son is almost every minute of the day and would have never thought his child would be wanted for murder. He said his son has been a longtime friend of the 16-year-old shooter.

In the end, Chief Ford says there is no quick fix for crimes like these. He said law enforcement can only impact a child's life so much, but he hopes these incidents will serve as unfortunate lessons that in order for kids to stop acting out, action must first be taken at home.

"I don't think there's anything you can do to take the place of parents. I have not seen a surrogate anything that works to the level that natural parents do."

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