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Community steps up for Duncan family

Duncan_Businesses, organizations, and individuals all across Duncan have reached out to help Sarah Harper, the girlfriend of Christopher Lane, who was randomly murdered during an afternoon jog last Friday. 

A restaurant held a benefit dinner Tuesday night, and the local golf club, where she works, and her family has a membership, have also stepped up to help.

Vicki Lynch, a family friend who considers the Harpers as her extended family, said when she found out about the murder, she started thinking of ways to get Sarah and her family to Lane's native Australia as soon as possible.

"She needs to go to Australia, first and foremost, so I'm hoping and praying it can be later this week," Lynch said.

When researching costs of airline tickets to Australia, Lynch found that it can be upward of $3,000 per ticket for the 41-hour trip.

"That doesn't cover the cost of taking him back as well, but we wanted to raise at least $6,000 and get at least two passengers to accompany the body home."

On Saturday, the Duncan Golf and Tennis Club joined in the cause, as they turned a regular tournament into a benefit for the Harper family.

Mark Budler, the assistant golf pro at the club, says the family has been members for years and that one of the club members came up with the idea to help the family to make the trip.

"It didn't cross my mind at the time about having to go over there for the funeral services. One of the members brought up that it's an expensive trip, so we wanted to help them out," Budler said.

The club went from raising money from that tournament to now receiving many donations throughout the last couple of days. The community around the club has even thought of other ways to help the Harper family get through this tragic loss.

"We have a unique situation here. A majority of the members live on the golf course surrounding it, and Sarah lives on the golf course, and so all the neighbors, not only are they neighbors, but they golf together. They've brought food over. They've seen how they're doing pretty much all day."

More events are also being put together. A 5k-run is being organized to be held on September 2nd, which was Lane's birthday and a memorial walk at a baseball field in Australia is in the works.

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