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Lawton Police Department's Vehicle Exercise

LAWTON,Okla_If you were on south Sheridan road Wednesday afternoon, you might have noticed a lot of Lawton Police cars in a church parking lot. 

They set up a challenge course for officers to go through some intense driver training. 
Officers were required to complete two laps around the course successfully in order to pass. 

They worked on skills such as backing up, getting out of an over steer without braking and shuffle steering so their hands never cross over one another, allowing the wheel to just slide through the hand. 

This type of training is held once a year, every year and according to LPD's Driving instructor, Lt. Donnie Hanson, is just as crucial as other mandatory training. 

"We qualify our weapons once or twice a year, and it's just as important to get out here and drive. And get back those skills.  We're in our cars 99% of the time  so it's very important for us to get behind the wheel and get back to the basics," said Lt. Hanson. 

All of the uniformed division are going through the training. Most of the officers passed on the first try. 

This exercise allowed instructors to monitor and try to get officers away from any bad habits they may have developed, while training in an controlled environment. 

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