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4 Arrested in Meth Bust

Lawton, Ok_4 people were arrested early Thursday in a meth drug bust on Lawton's eastside.

The Comanche county sheriff's department made the bust around 2:00 a.m. and discovered meth, ecstasy and weapons.  The meth had a total street value of close to $20,000 and has been connected to the Mexican drug cartel.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley said it happened in a neighborhood just half a mile from Macarthur high school.  "This is a great neighborhood and we have rid this neighborhood of a problem and we are hoping that it'll continue to be rid of this problem," Stradley said.

Stradley also said it's not the first time his deputies have swarmed the house on Berkshire Court.   "We have been there before where we busted one of the other residents that lived there. He's doing life in the penitentiary."

He said meth is just as relevant in the Mexican cartel as any other drug and a lot is coming through Lawton.  "They're into just about everything.  The Mexican cartel is like sears roebuck you can get just about anything you want and we got a lot of it coming into Lawton," Stradley said.

The investigation had been ongoing since the last bust as they continued to have problems with the residence.  Stradley said just recently he was able to get the amount of evidence he needed.

"We just wanted to muster up enough evidence to make a good bust and that's what they did," said Stradley. 

He described the drug network as a mountain and said the Mexican cartel is on the top of that mountain.  The bust is just one more step up the mountain and a necessary one to keep families safe in Lawton.

One of the four people arrested was already a convicted felon and will also be charged for having a weapon.  All are being held in the Comanche county detention center and are still waiting to be charged.

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