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UPDATE: Gruntso gets new home

UPDATE: Gruntso's owner, Gene Gibson, says a family has agreed to give the pet wild pig a new home. We're told Gruntso is going to live in the country with two other pigs and some dogs.

Original Story

WALTERS Okla_ Remember earlier this summer when one pig caused a lot of drama in Walters? Well, his owner, Gene Gibson is through fighting.

It's been months of haggling with the City of Walters, which included a public hearing and numerous violations. Gibson was keeping the pig in his house as a pet. Gibson contacted 7News Tuesday to tell us he had given up, but wanted to know if we could help him find Gruntso a good home.

Since April, Gibson said he has had nothing but drama from the City of Walters for having his pet pig Gruntso. Gruntso has never hurt anyone and until recently. He spent most of his time inside Gibson's home. Most people like Gruntso, including the City of Walters Code Enforcement Office. Monday though, Gibson said he is through fighting it. Gibson recently received several more violations from the city and decided that there is no fight left in him.

Even though Gibson said it hurts to give him away, he just wants to find Gruntso a good home.

"I've had him since he was a day old and he's always treated me with respect, so I have to try to treat him with the same respect he's treated me with," Gibson said.

Gibson remembers last January, when he brought Gruntso home for the first time.

"I brought him home in my coat pocket for my grandson sort of as a joke, and he grew on us," Gibson said.

He has lived among dogs and cats and enjoys playing with kids, but he has definitely grown. He's gotten so big he knows how to open the refrigerator. So, whoever takes Gruntso should be on the lookout. He loves cheese.

"It's hard to eat something that's so intelligent," Gibson said. "We quit eating pork. I just hope he finds a good home. That's what I want him to find. I don't want him to become dinner for somebody."

The city ordinance states it is unlawful to keep swine or hogs on your property with the exception of household pets, but Gruntso is technically a wild hog.

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