New Information Emerges From Duncan Search Warrant

DUNCAN, Okla._New details continue to emerge as the results of the search warrant for the vehicle believed to have been used in the Chris Lane murder were made public.

While Duncan Police are still on the hunt for the murder weapon, the evidence found inside the vehicle is what could give them direction. Initial interviews with suspect Michael Jones, that are detailed in the case's affidavit, pointed to some of the hiding places in the vehicle. And Thursday, the report showed exactly what Duncan Police found.

Duncan Police said these three men were in a car when they fired the fatal gunshot that killed Chris Lane. And while police believe they know who was behind the gun, the search for the gun used continues. Police believe that it was a .22 caliber revolver, and the report from the search of the car believed to have been used details that police found a .22 caliber bullet casing under the car's passenger seat. However, that was not the only suspicious thing found in the vehicle. Under the hood of the car, police recovered numerous .22 caliber bullets in various engine compartments including the air intake box and inside the fuse box.

In the case affidavit, Jones admits to police that it was while they were behind the Duncan Inn Hotel that the ammunition was placed in the car's air intake box.

But that is not all the report revealed.

Inside the glove box, police found a cell phone, video recorder, a 16 gauge shotgun shell.

A search of the trunk also revealed a shotgun with a destroyed serial number under the spare tire.

The report detailed that Duncan Police also took swabs from the interior of the passenger door, the passenger seat, and the driver side headliner. They also found evidence of marijuana inside the vehicle.

The affidavit for the case also revealed that Jones told police that the gun had been given away to someone with 2 brothers currently in jail for armed robbery. Duncan Police have checked into this lead, but a search of the suspected house did not reveal a murder weapon.