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6 Arrested in Duncan Drug Raid

DUNCAN, Okla._ It was a chaotic morning in Duncan Friday as several police officers and the drug task force descended on the Elm Terrace Apartments during a drug raid.

It all started around 8:45 a.m. Friday morning, and when it was over, the Stephens County Sheriff's Office along with the Duncan Police Department and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics arrested six people suspected of being involved in a meth and marijuana ring. The raid followed a three-month long undercover investigation.

It was a calm morning turned scary for residents at the Elm Terrace Apartments after loads of police armed with high-powered guns descended on the complex.

"I woke up to a sound like a boom and a guy at my house said there was police headed everything, everywhere," said Tiffany Lilly.

Lilly said she was scared Friday morning after police raided her apartment complex looking for drugs.

"I thought that it was a joke," said Lilly.

But it definitely wasn't. Police had been watching six people for months during drug activities. And Friday morning they took action.

"The police were flying everywhere. It stopped my walk shortly, gotta be somebody they're looking for," said Billy Joe Culberson.

The mother of one suspect said that she was unaware of the bust until officers arrived with her grandchildren.

"The officer brought my kids over, and they said they arrested my son. He said ma'am, we just took your son to jail. They just kicked the door in, I don't think they found anything. It's just kind of rough over here."

District Attorney Jason Hicks said off-camera Friday there were several rumors online of a possible shooting or gunshots at the complex Friday morning during the bust. However, he said there were no gunshots involved, and the rumors he's seen are not true.

The six people arrested are Jimmy Bates, Richard Laviolette, William Chiumento, Eddie Jernigan, Breanna Melton, and Jimmie Johnson Junior are all being held at the Stephens County Detention Center.

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