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Bikers Ride To Spread Good Will

LAWTON, Okla_Riding between the blazing sun and the sizzling hot pavement, dozens of area bikers took to the road to spread some good will on Saturday.

It was the first ever poker run held by Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma in order to raise money and bring in donations for their various programs.

The bikers, who brought in donations to participate, made a stop at each of their stores across the area, and those involved quickly found out the day was about so much more than raising money. 

"It's not really about how much money we raise it's more about building that community partnership, " said Missy Beets of Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma.

It's a selfless mission for a selfless organization. Goodwill set out to put on their first ever poker run -- an event they saw as an opportunity to reach out to a new group of people.

"We don't get a lot of chances to be in front of the bike groups and some of the different people who are coming here today, " said Beets.

But the biker community is definitely a bunch that loves Goodwill and uses their services. Just ask biker, Sherri Turney.

"I use their services constantly, " Turney said. 

That's why she braved the nearly unbearable heat, because she knows giving to Goodwill means getting something even better in return.

"It's a very good feeling. There's always people that needs a bunch of things that I don't need," Turney said.

Throughout the week leading up to the ride Goodwill collected donations. They filled tons of their famous blue bins all the way to the brim, chock full of items for their Goodwill stores. And those items are purchased it will help fund their many programs.

"We have a youth program for youth with special needs, an adult day care program, a workforce development program, and we have a career development center. All of these services are free to the community, " Beets explained.

Missy Beets said the people of Goodwill just love getting out and showing the world what goes on behind the scenes, and by doing so they hope the love for giving back becomes contagious.

"You know maybe they become a donor for life. I mean that's important, " said Beets.

With the success of this year's event they hope to continue it again in the future.
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