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Scammers using the military and targeting dating websites

Amarillo, Texas - They're claiming to be military members and in need of help from those they are targeting on online dating sites.

Scammers are now finding their victims through dating websites, but they're using the military to help con people out of money.

"There's this guy that's saying he's deployed and he's trying to get x amount of money because for some reason or other he's stuck in the deployment zone and unable to come home. But, you know that's not even plausible. We're not going to send someone over there without the means to get them back home," Sgt. William Gonzales, Army recruiter said.

After claiming to be a service member and stationed overseas, scammers are building relationships with people online. Sgt. Gonzales says they've been receiving several phone calls about scammers asking for money to help them come back.

"With the dating site, you just see a picture of a soldier, and you're like 'Oh I kind of want to get to know that person,' or vice versa that person who looks like they may be a soldier will just randomly message them, talk with them for a couple weeks, and then be like 'hey I need some money,'" Sgt. Gonzales said.

Those falling for this have been people in the 40's or older. Scammers are using the military as a way to gain trust with their victims.

"A lot of people are falling for it just because they think that the army or the military as a whole, you know if someone is in there they are going to be trustworthy. Which, I mean we are, but you know these scam artists know that. That people are willing to trust someone in uniform," Sgt. Gonzales said.

Asking questions like what unit they are apart of, or their military history is a good way to find out more information if the person is really a part of the military. If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to this type of scam you are urged to contact a local military office.
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