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A Family Rivalry

Members of the Flowers family wearing their "Family Divided" shirts. Photo by LuAnn Flowers. Members of the Flowers family wearing their "Family Divided" shirts. Photo by LuAnn Flowers.

By Addison Skaggs - Perryton High School

On Friday night, Perryton will take the field against Bushland. Family bragging rights are once again at stake as father challenges son under the head coach's headsets.

This season marks the third year since Perryton head coach David Flowers left Bushland High School to lead his alma mater's football program. Growing up in his father's footsteps and wanting to be a football coach, Steven Flowers received the nod and assumed the head coaching duties at Bushland with his father's departure. As a result, the "Flowers Bowl" was born.

The Flowers series is split 1-1 much like the family's support. While wearing "Family Divided" shirts, members of the Flowers family don't pledge their allegiance for one team. Instead, they cheer for lots of scoring and no injuries.

When asked to admit which team she finds herself rooting for, LuAnn Flowers, wife and mom, says, "I am usually going for the team that is behind."

According to Mrs. Flowers, "smack talk" occurs frequently during family holidays. Most family members just want the teams to take turns winning. "That will never happen because my boys are just too competitive," Mrs. Flowers says.

Although their style of play is very similar, head coaches David Flowers and Steven Flowers took over programs in different situations to start their head coaching careers. David Flowers was 46 when he was named head coach for the first time in Canadian, Texas. With the mentality of trying to improve an established team, he led his squad to a season record of 8-2-1. Steven Flowers at age 36 led the Bushland Falcons to a record of 4-6 in his first year. His team was young and in a rebuilding process.

Both head coaches are highly respected across the Texas Panhandle. They not only compete on the field, but battle for the same top assistant coaches to fill open spots on their coaching staffs.

Publicly, both coaches are very classy with no trash talk about each other or any of their opponents. But according to Mrs. Flowers, the week of the "Flowers Bowl" is the only week that father and son talk to each other every single day. What goes on during these talks? I guess we'll never know.

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