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Mother Speaks on 1-Year-Old's Fatal Accident

LAWTON Okla_ One month has passed since a tragic accident claimed the life of a Lawton toddler. Now, his mother is sharing her frustration that no one has been charged in his death.

According to police, one-year-old Victor Popescu was hit by a car backing up in the driveway of this home near the intersection of Northwest 16th and Lake. They also say the woman driving the car appeared to have been trying to run the father down after an argument, but hit the one-year-old boy instead.

Victoria Popescu said she's devastated over the loss of her child and even though she misses him everyday, she doesn't agree with how investigations have been conducted. She said she wants her account of August 5th to be heard.

Victoria Popescu said Victor was the light of her life.

"He would just make you smile," Victoria said. "He was so lovable. He would give you kisses and everything. He just loved everybody."

She said her missing dog sparked an argument between her boyfriend Brandon and a woman who was visiting a neighbor after the dog appeared in the car.

"He said, ‘Isn't that our dog?'," Victoria recalled. "She starts the car and tries to run over Brandon."

Victoria said Victor was on the sidewalk when the woman tried to leave. She tried to stop the woman from leaving with her dog by opening the car door.

"I didn't touch her, didn't do anything," Victoria said. "I just said nobody's leaving, and I'm calling the police."

That's when it happened.

"All of a sudden, I hear screaming," Victoria said. "I hear that my son got ran over."

She said Victor wasn't behind the car. He was still on the sidewalk, and the woman was driving erratically. She had turned the car as she backed out.

"When my boyfriend picked him up, there were tire marks on his back and over his head," Victoria said.

In an effort to save her child, Victoria said she immediately left to get Victor to the hospital, but it was too late. Victor passed away a few hours later. She has had no contact with the woman since.

"It just seemed like she didn't care," Victoria said.

She said the police told her the woman didn't see Victor sitting by the driveway.

"She seen him and looked at him and got in the car," Victoria said. "So, there's no way you couldn't have seen him. It doesn't matter where he was. Why would you drive like that? I feel like he deserves justice. He didn't deserve that at all."

7News tried to get ahold of the official incident report Wednesday to see details according to police, but that report wasn't available because the victim was a juvenile.

Although no charges have been filed, the case has been moved to the district attorney's office for further investigation. Victoria said she won't stop until her son receives the justice he deserves. Until then, the family plans to tell their side of the story to others in hopes that Victor's memory won't be forgotten.


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