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Brown, Fitch Nominated for OK Mayor of the Year

LAWTON Okla_ The mayors of both Lawton and Duncan have been nominated for Oklahoma's Mayor of the Year. 

Mayor Fred Fitch and Mayor Gene Brown are in charge of two different cities, but when it comes to the people in their communities, they feel exactly the same. Gene Brown has been Duncan's number one man for four years, but he's been involved in the community for nearly three decades. He said it's the people of Duncan that keep him going.

"That's my favorite part," Brown said. "I love people, and you'd have to love people to do this job."

He said his nomination came as a surprise.

"You find out the group that's been nominated also," Brown said. "It's a great honor just to be in that group."

It's Brown's years of public service that's kept communication between the city and its citizens top notch.

"When there are activities, I try to represent the city there, and not just my views but the citizens' views as well," Brown said. "You meet a lot of people and get a lot of different opinions and different ideas. Most of all, I think everyone wants what's best for the city."

He's the not the only one with some serious credentials. Fred Fitch of Lawton has served on several committees and held numerous appointments by former mayors. He said it's the downtown project that he is most proud of.

"Buildings are going up, Kohl's is breaking ground, and the west side project is up and running," Fitch said. "I can't wait to see what kind of influx we have in sales tax. It's been my goal to increase the tax base, not increase taxes, but increase the tax base."

Fitch said it's more than just the nomination for Mayor of the Year that makes him proud.

"Being nominated for mayor of the year is a tremendous honor in itself, but the real honor is I was nominated by people I work with here everyday," Fitch said. "Those are people that are just becoming family."

Both mayors believe there's still work to be done, especially with things like infrastructure and budgets. They say they love what they do though, and that's the real award they receive everyday.

"We're a can-do city, a togetherness city," Brown said. "When something happens, all the citizens pull together and pull the resources together."

"Lawton is being recognized for our aggressiveness, our growth, our vision," Fitch said. "People do notice you're making a difference and you do have visions and goals that are needed within this community."

Mayor Fitch and Mayor Brown are in the same category for Oklahoma cities with a population of 5,000 or more. They'll find out who wins next week at the Oklahoma Municipal League's awards banquet in Tulsa.


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