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Judge Allen McCall retires after 31 years

LAWTON,Okla_ A Comanche County judge retires after 31 years on the bench. 

Judge Allen McCall was joined by friends, family and colleagues during his retirement ceremony Thursday evening at the Great Plains Technology Center. He's presided over many cases throughout his career and is a judge recognized for his straightforward approach and a tightly-run courtroom. 

"I'm generally able to make quick decisions and that comes from my background in athletics. That's a quality that a lot of judges struggle with. You have different decisions to make and if you struggle and agonize what the consequences are too much, then you can't make any decisions. So, you've got to be able to hear the facts and apply the law fairly and come to a good decision,"  said McCall.

Even though he's retiring, McCall says he won't be a stranger to the court. He'll be actively retired working on cases throughout the state. He plans to increase his fishing and to watch every inning of every baseball playoff there is. 
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