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Elaborate Drug Bust Lands Dozens in Jail

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ An early morning drug bust in Stephens County landed more than two dozen suspected drug dealers behind bars.

The District Attorney's Drug Task Force teamed up with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and several other agencies this morning after a months-long investigation. They focused this bust on suspects known for selling drugs, including prescription pills.

75 officials were briefed at 5:00AM before hitting the streets in Stephens County.

"It's a problem that we deal with just like any other community," District Attorney Jason Hicks said. "We do this from time to time."

The District Attorney's Drug Task Force and the OBN were joined by the Stephens County Sheriff's Office and police departments from Duncan, Comanche and Marlow all before sunrise.

Hicks said the street dealers were the biggest target.

"If we have a distribution cycle, we can take some of the people out of that distribution cycle and hopefully have an influence on the flow of narcotics inside the county," Hicks said. "It wasn't concentrated on one particular area, and it wasn't concentrated on one particular drug."

One by one, the suspects were taken to the Criminal Justice Complex in Duncan. It wasn't just one city in their crosshairs, though.

"We've had people who were arrested in Duncan," Hicks said. "We've had people who were arrested in Comanche and Marlow."

In all, 25 Stephens County residents were taken into custody. Hicks said he hopes Friday's bust will send a message to drug dealers still out there.

"We make sure they understand you're going to get caught at some point, and when you do, we're going to make sure you're incarcerated for it," Hicks said. "It's extremely important to me and to the drug task force to insure that we take those people off the street, so that we can at least break that portion of the chain."

The operation led officials to a few extra suspects on active warrants, so Hicks said the total arrest number could be close to 30.


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