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Murder Victim, Suspect Identified

Claudine Marroquin, 36 Claudine Marroquin, 36
David Baird, 63 David Baird, 63

LAWTON Okla_ Lawton police have identified the city's 13th homicide victim.

They just confirmed that the body they found Thursday is that of 36 year-old Claudine Marroquin. Police worked all day Thursday to dig up the remains of the victim and gather all evidence from the backyard of the home at 18th and Irwin.

It was a case that began as a missing person report, filed only three days ago. Family members had not heard from her in least 10 days and had told police that the woman had previous bouts of abuse with her husband.

The victim's sister, Elizabeth, described her sister's relationship with husband and the suspect in her death, David Baird, as a violent one. She said she knew the moment her sister did not return her phone calls or visit her something was terribly wrong. Her fears came true Friday when she was notified that it was in fact her sister's body found at the homes.

"I don't want to believe this," Elizabeth said.

The close-knit family of Claudine Marroquin is clinging to the beloved memories of a woman who they say was taken much too soon.

"She was the type of person that would make you happy, straighten you up, fix your lie," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said she and her five siblings grew up in a household of domestic violence.

"All we had was each other," Elizabeth said.

Domestic violence became something that her sister Claudine was never able to escape.

"This is what we feared all of us," Elizabeth said. "Every last one of our brothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, everyone feared this. She just would not listen."

Elizabeth said that this gruesome act of violence was something that her sister predicted would happen.

"This was my worst fear, my worst fear," Elizabeth said. "I know that he did something to my sister. She told me before she hung up the phone that if I did not speak to her and if I did not see her, ‘He killed me.' He killed her."

When she did not hear from her for more than ten days, she knew something was wrong. Her gut told her that she had to find Claudine.

"All I thought was I want to get to my sister," Elizabeth said. "I want to see my sister. I want to hear from my sister."

Friday, the family received the news they never wanted to hear but always thought in the back of their mind could happen.

"We didn't think this would happen," Elizabeth said. "We knew that he was capable of doing it."

The family also told me Friday that the suspect, David Baird, tried to hide the murder by telling the family that Claudine was vacationing in Costa Rica. Claudine Marroquin leaves behind one daughter.

Police arrested the 63-year-old Baird Thursday. He remains in the city jail on a murder complaint.

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