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Day Care Van Rolled Over in Accident

LAWTON Okla_ Two children were injured when a day care van was hit by a truck and knocked onto its top Friday morning in Lawton.

It happened at the intersection of Rogers Lane and Frontage Road. Witnesses say a truck was going east on Rogers Lane, and it collided with a van from ABC Learning Center that was turning left to go south on the Frontage Road.

There were two children in the van, and they were taken to the hospital along with the both drivers.

Queana Short, who is a certified nurse, said she parked, said a quick prayer and rushed to the van and immediately went to the children. She said there were two 4-year-olds and could tell one was worse than the other. She went to him to help keep him calm.

"I sat with the child that I felt was more critical," Short said. "I tried to keep him straight, keep him, calm him down, and keep him alert, because he kept going in and out of consciousness. So, I tried to keep asking him basic questions that he could tell me to try to keep him alert with me."

Moments later, the paramedics arrived as Short continued to help them with the little boy. She even continued to stay with him all the way to the hospital.

"I still helped with the little boy," Short said. "We kind of got him stabilized and got him on a neck brace and a back board. Then, I went to the hospital with the little boy until the parents arrived."

After Short left the hospital, she was later called back in to give the police a report and was able to check in with the two kids and the driver.

"I heard that they were being released at 3:00PM, and as long as the little boy was moving that he would be released at 3:00PM also," Short said.

Lawton police are still reconstructing the accident, and it has not been confirmed who was at fault. 7News was able to talk to a Lawton police officer, and he did say that driver of the truck was pinned in his truck. Once they were able to pry open the truck, he was taken to the hospital for injuries but later released.




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