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Ray's Child Abuse Trial Begins

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Testimony started Tuesday in the trial of a Lawton woman accused of abusing her son and allowing her husband to also abuse him.

Denise Ray's 10-year-old son, Malik, died as the result of a beating at the hands of her husband, Lancey. Lancey was convicted of murder in the boy's death. Denise testified during that trial that she had also beaten the boy, which led to charges being filed against her.

The state brought up its first few witnesses, two testifying about the bruises that were present on Malik when he was admitted in the hospital and then later, a detective who interviewed Denise.

The jurors were shown one hour of a three-hour police interview with Ray. In the video, she told the detective she was at work when she received a phone call from Lancey saying Malik was misbehaving. She then went about her day and came home to see some bruises on Malik, but she did not question Lancey about them. Malik was also in trouble for what Denise describes as having a "childish attitude." The detective then questioned Denise about the type of punishment they gave their children. She said giving them "whippings" was not uncommon. She said Malik would get them from a belt, sometimes up to 10 times, while his two younger siblings would get them from a plastic paddle up to 3 to 5 times.

She said Malik had gotten in trouble again the day of that phone call, and Lancey hit him with a belt again. This time, Malik started to vomit, so they took him to the hospital. The doctor who treated him there testified about the bruises he saw, saying they were consistent with being beaten with a belt. He said he saw bruising from Malik's thighs to his lower and upper back all the way to his ear. The doctor also testified that during his 30 years of working in an emergency room setting, he has never seen abuse to a child as the extent he saw on Malik that night. Testimony in the case is scheduled to resume Wednesday.

Denise Ray is also being charged with first-degree murder and her trial for that is set to begin in November. 


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