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Leadership Lawton Participates in Sill Training

FORT SILL Okla_ Some Oklahoma business leaders got a Fort Sill experience Friday.

They learned firsthand what it's like to be a soldier at Fort Sill. The Leadership Oklahoma group arrived on post Thursday, and they've been getting the new recruit treatment, including physical training, right beside new soldiers.

Firing simulated M4's, eating MRE's and physical training were among the many things the Oklahoma Leadership class got to experience. Friday morning, they got a rude awakening; drill sergeants yelled to wake them up at 5:30AM. The Fort Sill basic trainee treatment started Thursday, though.

"They ran us out of the dinner hall with drill sergeants yelling in our face," Leadership Oklahoma Member Joe Abshere said. "They were getting us on the buses, giving us the experience of what the basic training soldiers go through when they get here."

After being awakened at 5:30AM Friday, they went through physical training alongside soldiers that have only been on Fort Sill for three days.

Abshere said the best part of his day was eating breakfast with the soldiers.

"We got to visit with them, talk with them and understand what they go through, why they joined the army, why they want to continue to serve our country and just be thankful for those people that are protecting our freedoms," Abshere said.

They got hands-on training on how to fire an M4 and shot them at a simulated firing range, just like the one soldiers train on. Then, it was off to observe live fire at the range.

"To actually know what the boom is and where it's coming from, I think has been a cool experience," Leadership Oklahoma Member Jennifer Holland said.

Holland said even though she's from Lawton, she's never gotten to experience what she did Friday.

"Mind you, we know we are getting the plush easy experience, but it's been a lot of fun," Holland said.

They spent Thursday night sleeping just like the soldiers do: in the barracks on bunk beds. Friday morning, they learned how to make their beds just like a basic trainee.



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