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Stephens Co. Jail Inmate Starts Fire

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ A fire broke out at the Stephens County Jail late last night, and investigators said one of the inmates started it.

The first floors of the Stephens County Jail and Courthouse filled with smoke as flames started in between two maximum holding cells. Police identified 30-year-old Carlos Castillio as the culprit. He was currently in the jail for a deadly weapons charge from a previous incident.

A fire started with just one plastic cup created chaos for the Stephens County Jail as 30 inmates had to be evacuated and relocated. One jailer had to be treated for smoke inhalation but is expected to recover. Sheriff Wayne McKinney said the fire could've been a lot worse.

"When you got nothing but time on your hands, they improvise." McKinney said.

He said his county's jail is holding more violent criminals than ever. Carlos Castillio fits in that category. Serving time for a deadly weapons conviction, he sat in a maximum holding cell chipping away at a plastic light fixture where he started the fire using the light's wiring and toilet paper stuffed in a plastic cup. He even added his jumpsuit and socks to make the fire bigger. McKinney said though no incident is routine, he wasn't surprised by the culprit.

"He's a mean individual, and he's been nothing but trouble," McKinney said. "That type of criminal, that mindset of the type of the person that we're keeping in the jail right now, that are in jail and don't need to be on our streets are totally different than they were two years ago."

193 inmates inside the jail, which is built for just over 160, only added fuel to the fire.

"What makes this even worse in my opinion is that these people were locked down," McKinney said. "You can't just open doors and say run to safety. There's a high probability that someone could've been killed."

That's why McKinney said Castillio will be charged with first-degree arson.

"When you're dealing with 28-30 hardened criminals that you have move in a systematic way to protect our public and protect the people that's moving them, you may not be able to get them all out quickly enough. He's certainly going to pay for what he did last night.

Castillio is an illegal immigrant. However, he will serve his time for his felony conviction here in the States. He will be transported to the state penitentiary for that sentence while he awaits a hearing for the fire.



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