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Phone Scam Resurfaces

FLETCHER,Okla_The Publisher's Clearinghouse scam is making its rounds again, this time with a twist.


 A woman in Fletcher told police she got a call and was told she won $5 million dollars, a car, and free gas for a year.

She was told she would need to pay a process fee and meet them in Lawton or Elgin, instead she called police.

7 news team spoke with Fletcher Police Chief,  Jon Shepard, about the scam.

Shepard says people being asked to meet the scammers is what is most alarming

"It's very, very scary, and if you start giving out your home address and your phone numbers, and where you work and the time of day you may be away from your residence.. you could come home to having an empty house," explains Shepard. 

Scammers are using blocked numbers and Shepard says that should be a red flag, if they call you.

"They don't know who's calling do not give any personal information at all.  Don't give addresses.. nothing what so ever,"said Shepard. 

 Many times these scams go unreported.   When someone gets the fake phone call and identifies the scam they end up just hanging up.  Shepard says these scams still need to be reported, especially if you have gave away any personal information.

"We want to be able to keep an eye on their house if they've given out too much information, and protect the people we work for," said Shepard. 

Shepard said if you went through not  knowing it was a scam and ended  getting up a meeting , alert the police.

"If the people do go too far and agree to meet them some place like in Elgin, tell us.  So we can be there to meet with them, to find out who they are and stop this," explained Shepard. 

However, he does not  want people setting up their own meeting.

"We really don't want them to take the law into their own hands and set up an arrangement like that without first talking to us," said Shepard. 

Shepard said it is not just Fletcher being targeted.   On scanners for the Comanche county sheriff's department there were more reports of the scam.


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