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Fort Sill Troops Train with Weapon Used in Battlefields

FT. SILL, Okla._

Fort Sill's troops are still training, in spite of the government shutdown, and Friday they showed off a weapon that's been used in the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 It's called the C-RAM, which stands for counter-rockets, artillery and mortar. It uses a series of radars to detect incoming rounds. They can then warn troops in the target area that it's coming. They're also able to track the trajectory of the incoming rocket, and program the gun to shoot it out of the air. Staff Sergeant Justin Davis saw it in action firsthand in Iraq.

"It's something you get your reward from every day. We come out. We march order. We place it. We engage rounds. We get to see them engaged out of the air. We're actually watching them on a screen as they get engaged out of the air, so we know the system works," said Staff Sergeant Justin Davis.

Roughly four-thousand troops from the Army, Navy and foreign allies have trained at Fort Sill on the C-RAM system before deploying with it into combat. The system was developed to combat enemy attacks from quick-moving units. Not only will it knock out the incoming round, it can also detect the source of the attack so it can be destroyed.

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