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Lawton Woman Fights Off Trio of Intruders

LAWTON Okla_ An elderly Lawton woman was not willing to go down without a fight after three people tried to force their way into her home.

Two black women and one black man tried to kick in the front door of her home near Northwest 21st Street and Pollard, but 69-year-old Marvel Adams fought back refusing to let them hurt her or take her belongings.

She's still pretty shaken up, as you would imagine. Physically, she has some minor scratches, and her eyes still burn because they used pepper spray on her. She said Wednesday night's was an event that will change the way she thinks and lives.

"I could have been dead in that house, but it didn't happen that way," Adams said. "God let me come out of there."

What began as a simple knock on the door turned into a nightmare for Adams.

"She was knocking like this," Adams said as she described the way the intruders approached her home. "Then they did it again, and I knew that someone was knocking. I yelled, 'Who is it?', but she wouldn't answer."

She said it all started with a young woman who said she was trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend and needed to use the phone. So, Adams let her in, she made the call, and left. Marvel said she soon realized it was a scam, all to see if she was home alone.

"I was thinking that she was in trouble, and the whole time she was after me," Adams said.

When the three began knocking on Marvel's door again, she was prepared to keep them out.

"I was holding it like this here to keep them from hurting me," Adams said of her cane. "I was scared that they were going to hurt me, so I was trying to get ahead of them. I took that stick, a board off the door, and I broke it. I stabbed it out the door. I said, ‘Get away from here.' I was screaming and hollering 'Help me, Jesus! Come and help me, Jesus! Just someone come and help me.'"

They sprayed Marvel with pepper spray, but she continued to stab the stick at the three suspects until they ran away from her front door. Then, she ran to a neighbor's home for help.

Marvel said that she got lucky and was able to fight off the intruders but warns that others should not be so trusting of a random knock at the door.

"Tell the police about it," Adams said. "They are going to do it to someone else. There are a lot of us old people. I am 69 years old, and what they did to me they are going to do to someone else."

While the thieves didn't get away with any of her belongings, Marvel said that she felt she had to fight back to save her life and to make sure they knew she wasn't going to let them win.

Marvel said one woman took off in a dark-colored four door car. The other woman and man ran away. Anyone who saw or heard anything in that area Wednesday night is encouraged to contact Lawton police. 

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