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Australian Actor Brings Art Collection to Lawton

Lawton, Okla._He's a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry and now he's sharing years of rare collectibles right here in Lawton.

Some of Peter Greenwood's vintage children's art is on display at the Lawton Public Library.  He was able to pick up many of the items by working with big-name companies like Hanna-Barbara and Walt Disney as an artist and voice actor.

Peter Greenwood hails from Australia and he's most known for his voice acting roles while working in Los Angeles. But Greenwood has a new passion in life and he's chosen Lawton, USA to make it a reality.

From the Pirates of the Caribbean...

"When you see him thrown through a window, you hear a pirate say 'say goodbye' and that was me," he said. shows like Gumby...

"Gumby's cousin is "wow you got a computer, that's really cool," he said.

...Peter Greenwood has seen and done it all.

He said, "I'm part of everyone's childhood. But they don't know it."

He's also worked as an artist for popular cartoons like the Flintstones and that's where his love for animation and design flourished. After years of collecting items, a few have come out of storage for the first time in the U.S. Just like their owner, they're calling Oklahoma home. And Greenwood says that's not coincidence.

"The recent passing of the young man in Duncan made me realize as a fellow Australian I wanted to do something for Oklahoma to try and stop the kids from having that sort of, lack of things to do," he said.

Teamed with his love for libraries, he opened his exhibit in Lawton. He says the library is the perfect place for his historical art and the education that comes with it.

"By bringing people into the library, they can see what they have and understand it's a wonderful library that needs to be used, it needs to be supported and used.

I'm thinking I might keep it here for quite some time," he said.

If you would like to check out Greenwood's vintage collection, this is just the beginning. He says he hopes to start rotating hundreds of more items in and out of the Library all in the name of educating children on the wonderful world of art.

Greenwood hopes to expand his exhibit even further by opening displays in Duncan and other locations in southwest Oklahoma.

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