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Massive Beehive Worries Neighbors in Lawton

It was something everyone wanted to check out along Kinyon Ave. in Lawton tonight!

"Holy crap! You know, it's pretty dangerous!"

Breanna Looney is a mother of two and lives just a few houses down from the hive.

"I was thinking 'are we being punk'd?' Is this real?," Looney said.

But after taking a closer look at the hive, residents soon realized it was no joking matter.

People from all along the street stood around in amazement, taking pictures of the gigantic swarm. For some, it was the largest they have ever seen.

"I've never seen a big one like that," said Daniel Schleufer.

"It's crazy to see a big hive like that right across the street from my house," said neighbor Michael Medina.

Some neighbors had no fear. One was even willing to get up close and personal with the beehive.

But he was in the minority of the people checking it out tonight. Many parents expressed concern for their children who typically play outside.

"It could take nothing like that, you know, to get stung, and they go into some kind of shock or something," said Looney.

One neighbor said the hive has been growing for a few years now, but many on the block say bees have never been an issue in the past. Now, they hope the hive will soon be taken care of. 

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