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Farm Bureau Brings Smoke House to Walters

WALTERS Okla_ The Oklahoma Farm Bureau and Cotton County firefighters educated Walters Elementary School students on fire safety and what to do in case of a fire.

Students went through the fire smoke house and were put through a demonstration of what a room full of smoke would be like and what steps to take.

Margaret Ann Kinder of the Cotton County Farm Bureau said it's not just a fun way to teach kids; it actually saves lives.

"One of the students' homes caught on fire, and the child woke up the family in the middle of the night and got everybody safe," Kinder said.

The students go through two stages in the house: one to show fire dangers in a house and another stage that actually fills the room up with synthetic smoke. They were supposed to go through the smoke house last week, but they did not get the chance with escaped inmate Robert Turk on the loose.



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