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Lawton Teen Donates Can Tabs

Lawton, Okla._ There's an update to the story of that little girl from Stephens County who's battling a massive brain tumor.

Natalie Berzas is just 20-months-old and after a post on our Facebook page was put up, we had people from near and far wanting to help. One of the ways to donate is through aluminum soda can tops, which can be traded in for chemo treatments. A 13-year-old from Lawton with a whole lot of those aluminum tabs, decided it was the right time to donate them.

At Hodges' Salvage Yard, it's usually scrap for cash, but today, the scrap went toward helping to save baby Natalie's life.

Michael Hodges has spent countless hours going through huge piles of soda and beer cans, pulling off the aluminum tabs one at a time. Now, he has enough of them to help Natalie receive treatments for a very long time.

"I've been trying to find something or someone to donate these can tabs to and it just looked like the right moment to give them," said Hodges.

He donated more than 500 pounds or 250 gallons of them. And he and his family did all the leg work, too.

"They're saving her life, giving her more days to live," said Bethany Berzas, Natalie's mother.

The family said for each gallon, Natalie will receive two treatments from the Ronald McDonald house.

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