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Altus Airman Charged for Bomb Materials

ALTUS, Okla._

Altus Airman Timothy Carey was charged Friday with possession of a simulated bomb or other bomb making materials.

He was arrested Tuesday for having bomb making materials. In court Friday it was revealed  that while investigators did not find an actual bomb inside Carey's trailer home Tuesday, they did recover a piece of PVC pipe that did resemble a common pipe bomb, along with other materials that could be used to make a bomb.

Three days ago investigators went to Carey's Altus home and to a storage unit he was renting where the bomb making materials were discovered. The Air Force Office of Investigation said they believed Carey planned to bomb a Wal-mart while simultaneously using more explosives somewhere else in Altus to intentionally tie up law enforcement and other city resources.

Investigators were able to foil Carey's plan after witnesses heard him bragging about his idea and tipped off investigators.

The senior airman was charged, he is being held on a $50,000 bond. 


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