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Two Caddo County Inmates Captured; Two Remain At-Large

CADDO COUNTY Okla_ Two Caddo County inmates who escaped from jail Sunday morning are back in police custody, but the manhunt continues for the other two.

The Caddo County Sheriff's Department confirms that Prime Brown and Dylan Three Irons were captured in Chickasha, less than 20 miles from the jail, which is in Anadarko.

Brown and Three Irons were spotted Monday afternoon by a DA probation officer and a DA drug court coordinator. They saw the pair walking down a road in Chickasha. Authorities followed the two to a convenience store, called for back-up, and that's when they were taken into custody. The sheriff said the hunt is not over yet.

"They look like they have been through a lot, mud and rain," Caddo County Sheriff Gene Cain said of the two inmates were back in custody.

The inmates made quite the escape early Sunday morning prying open a maintenance hatch in the shower of their jail cell. It is the first escape in the 2-year-old facility's history.

"They got into the crawl space where the pipes and air conditioning vents are," Cain said. "They crawled as far as they could crawl, and then they hit another wall. At that time, they began to break some of it off, just enough to crawl through. That put them in where the pipes go into the pipe chase room. After they got into there, that room is actually outside of the detention center, all they had to do was go out that door there."

The four men shed their orange jump suits only two blocks south of the jail, escaping without anyone seeing them. The manhunt has been even harder for authorities, because all four men have local ties.

"It really makes it harder, because they have a lot of friends," Cain said. "It makes a wider search area of the smaller towns like Lookeba and Binger. Several of them had friends there and relatives. We just never could pin down if they were still in Anadarko."

Three of the men, Dylan Three Irons, Prime Brown, and Anthony James Mendonca, were all awaiting transfer to a state prison after being convicted on drug charges. Triston Cheadle was awaiting trial on a federal gun charge. While two are back behind bars now, two still remain at large. Sheriff Cain said that the two men could be a threat to the public.

"We consider them armed and dangerous," Cain said. "They didn't have anything when they left here to be armed, but we don't know what they picked up after the got out."

Sheriff Cain said authorities will continue to work around the clock until the remaining two escapees are found. He encourages residents to lock their doors and keep an eye out for the two missing men.

If you have any information about either Triston Cheadle or Anthony James Mendonca, please contact the Caddo County Sheriff's Department. 

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