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Lawton Goodwill Artists Paint to Keep Program

LAWTON Okla_ The Goodwill Adult Day Care Center in Lawton is getting ready to show off their students' creative sides in an effort to keep their art program alive.

They've been doing abstract art, and they showed off some of their work Thursday at the Senior Summit Meeting at the Center for Creative Learning. These paintings will be sold to raise money for the program, so the students can continue an activity that clearly enriches their lives.

A grant from a large art gallery made it possible for the Goodwill Adult Day Care center to start its own art program. They received $1,000. That bought all the supplies they needed to begin painting, and it's become something the participants look forward to each day.

"I didn't know anything about it, but I had people that really took an interest in me and helped me," Artist Evelyn McQuain said. "I learned to do it."

Evelyn likes to stay busy painting.

"We paint in teams, because we have a lot of people that want to do the artwork," Goodwill VP of Adult and Youth Services Elizabeth Skulski said. "However, we have a different range of ability of painting."

The artwork is put up for sale to the community, and all the profits go right back into the art program.

"Sometimes they have designs that want to do, sometimes they don't," Skulski said. "Sometimes we paint, and it becomes a great picture."

After the profits from the paintings are used to replenish the program, the participants get to vote on what they want buy for the center, like exercise bikes or rocking chairs.

"They get great satisfaction that, although they may have a disability or be an older individual, they still have hidden talents, which is awesome," Skulski said.

Skulski said this art program went from a vision to reality, and she couldn't be more excited to see where it goes in the future.

"Of course I have high expectations," Skulski said. "There's nothing wrong with that. My goal would be that we continue to paint and that we have the opportunity to have our artwork displayed everywhere in town."

The artists at the center are excited to see their work around town and to continue painting.

"I love to come back here and do it, because we made three or four paintings that were sold," Evelyn said.

Several of their paintings are being displayed at businesses around town. The originals and prints of their artwork can be seen and purchased here.

Right now there are sixteen painting and prints on the website for purchase. The originals go for around $300, and the prints are $20-$30. A collection of holiday paintings are also available for purchase and can be turned into Christmas cards.



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