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Police Investigate Intimidating State Witness Complaint

LAWTON, Okla._

A material witness in a Lawton murder investigation was arrested Wednesday night as police investigate allegations that he threatened another witness in the case.

Police arrested Carlos Melendez-Salazar after a second witness in the case called police and said Melendez-Salazar had come to his house, and threatened to shoot and kill him.

Police found Melendez-Salazar driving near Southwest 17th & F where he was arrested. He's a witness to the shooting death of Jonathan Shepherd in May. Kenneth Nobles is charged with second-degree murder in Shepherd's death. The case is still in the preliminary hearing stage. Police said Melendez-Salazar had not yet been charged with the threat, but they were able to arrest him for transporting an open container and driving with a suspended license.

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