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Lawton AMBUCS Pancakes Day Continues

LAWTON Okla_ If pancakes for dinner sound like a good idea, then you'll want to head over to the Great Plains Coliseum in Lawton.

You'll be able to eat to your heart's content at the 58th Annual Pancake Days. It's the Lawton/Fort Sill AMBUCS biggest fundraiser of the year. For $10, you get pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs for a good cause. All the money goes to help local AMBUCS charities give disabled people mobility.

It's not just the pancakes that bring thousands of people to the coliseum each year; it's the ability to give back and make a difference in the local community. 58 years ago, the event began, and now it's bringing in close to $30,000 that positively impacts the Lawton community.

"When we build a ramp, when we give a away an Amtryke, you see in the face of who you're helping, and you see it in the faces of the family members," Lawton AMBUCS Chairman of the Board Nick Preston said.

Preston said that it is this event that allows AMBUCS to give hope to families in need. He said they couldn't do it without the all-you-can-eat pancakes that have become more than just a fundraiser.

"This is not just a pancake fundraiser for us," Preston said. "It is almost a social event. We put thousands of people through there all day long, so it's a big event."

It's this one-time-per-year event that shines light on the organization's mission.

"AMBUCS is basically an organization that gives mobility and independence for people with handicaps," Preston said.

The funds raised with every ticket purchased go to make a change that Preston said is not just felt by one person.

"We don't just help one individual with a ramp or a scholarship," Preston said. "We change lives. What we see with this is when you help a child become independent or help an adult become independent, it doesn't just change that child's life. It changes that whole family's life."

Preston called on the citizens of Lawton to pull through once again, and allow the group to bring support and help to those in need here locally.

"These are tough times for a lot of people right now," Preston said. "We really need you to come out and support us again."

Pancake Days runs until 8:00PM Monday. Kids under four years old eat free.


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