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Apartment Fire Victims Return to Damage

DUNCAN Okla_ Four families returned home Monday to what's left of their apartments after a fire tore through the apartment complex in Duncan early Saturday morning.

The blaze broke out just after 3:00AM at the Greens Apartments on South 27th Street. When Duncan firefighters arrived, flames had already engulfed the four-unit building. Firefighters say the fire started in one of the unit's fireplaces. Despite the firefighters' efforts, four families were left homeless.

The Red Cross said all the fire left behind was total devastation. Almost nothing remains of the two upstairs apartments. The two below were flooded with water from firefighters putting out the blaze. So Monday, residents rummaged through what used to be their home. It's something the Red Cross said is tough for anyone to go through.

"I cannot begin to imagine how stressful this can be for them," said.

Monday residents began to pick up the pieces, pulling books, furniture, and beloved belongings from what used to be their homes. Early Saturday morning, they watched their entire lives go up in flames.

Rachel O'Brian with the American Red Cross said volunteers were at the scene not long after the fire broke out, rendering aide in the form of food, clothing, and shelter to the people who woke up to a real life nightmare.

"They are very emotional. They are very detached," O'Brian said.

It's at people's all-time lows that the American Red Cross steps in and provides a reassuring gesture of support.

"Our services are based on the severity of their loss," O'Brian said.

 Saturday at the Greens Apartments, the loss was great. Duncan firefighters estimate the damage at more than $300,000. For all the residents, the things lost will never be able to be fully replaced.

"They're devastated," O'Brian said. "They are devastated by their loss, and it's hard for them to start to think how to move forward. So, that's why we come in and provide that immediate emergency assistance to them."

The Greens Apartments told us Monday that they are providing apartments for those affected by the fire to move into. People looking to help the families affected by this fire can contact the Stephens County Office of Emergency Management.  

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