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Code Talkers To Receive Gold Medal of Honor

LAWTON, Okla._ The Comanche Code Talkers will soon be awarded with a Gold Medal of Honor.

Nearly 200 members of the Comanche Nation will travel to Washington, D.C. on November 20 to represent the 17 men.

The Code Talkers were an elite group of men who used their native language to confuse enemy forces during World War II. Although none of the men are living, their lasting legacy was remembered.

Descendants of the men were honored by family and friends Monday night. One of them was Sylvia Holder whose father was part of the group.

"He didn't talk about all his medals [or] mention a whole lot about what he did but he was an amazing person," said Holder.

Code Talkers were sworn to secrecy.

"They would use this language to provide information to our allies and to our artillery and to take care of those positions," said Wallace Coffey, chairman of the Comanche Nation.

Coffey says this award is long overdue.

"We're overcome, we're filled with joy and pride that finally our code talkers are getting recognition," Coffey said.

At tonight's ceremony a new charter bus was unveiled with the Code Talkers' pictures on it. The Comanche Nation will use the bus for various trips and activities.  

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