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Third Duncan Shooting Suspect Charged with Murder

DUNCAN Okla_ Prosecutors brought big news into court Wednesday; they decided to charge a third teenager with first degree murder in the shooting death of Chris Lane. 

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17-year-old Michael Jones was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on a lesser charge of accessory to murder, and he was being prosecuted as a youthful offender. However, District Attorney Jason Hicks surprised the court by announcing the decision to pursue the more serious charge that the other two suspects already face. Investigators had previously determined Jones was driving the car when Lane was shot to death in Duncan back in August.

Now, new evidence has surfaced that leads Hicks to believe Jones was involved in another shooting earlier that day. The decision meant Wednesday's preliminary hearing was cancelled, and a new one was scheduled.

From media members to family and friends of Christopher Lane, it was standing room only in the Stephens County special district courtroom. At approximately 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, Judge Jerry Herberger announced to an expressionless Jones that he would no longer be considered a youthful offender.

Hicks told us the gag order on all officials is still ongoing, and he is unable to comment on the other shooting that took place on Aug. 16.


"It was a statement made inside the courtroom," Hicks said. "I can't. I can't say anything outside. If we were still inside the courtroom, I'd clarify, but we're not."

It was also announced that Jones' attorney will no longer represent him, and now the state will appoint a new one for him in the coming days. Previously in jail on a $500,000 bond, Michael Jones will now sit in the Stephens County Jail on no bond, after agreeing to have the new one set with no attorney present. Now, he will await his new preliminary hearing set for Nov. 20.

Now, there is a chance that Michael Jones could once again be tried as a youthful offender, but that won't be determined until he has a new attorney. Until then, he is considered an adult in this case, along with suspects Chancey Luna and James Edwards Jr.

All three hearings for the suspects will now be held at the Stephens County courthouse on Nov. 20 at 9:00AM.


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