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Drug Bust in Lawton Uncovers $52,000 In Marijuana

LAWTON Okla._ A routine traffic stop uncovered $52,000 in marijuana that was later confiscated along with more than $5,000 cash.

Emmett Blount was pulled over by detectives from the Lawton Police Department for speeding. When they approached his car, they found a joint on his dashboard. A more intense search was conducted which uncovered $3,000 cash. Police then obtained a warrant to search Blount's house where they found a large stash. 

Law enforcement officials found more than seven pounds in total which they say has a street value of $52,000 or more. At the home they found more cash – all of it totaling $5,200.

Neighbors were stunned to learn Blount is a suspected drug dealer.

"I think it's just part of everyday living anymore, said neighbor Vera Fisher. "People are crazy."

Fisher has ever started caring for Blount's dog in the backyard.

"I started feeding [the dog] today. I don't want the dog to not have any food or water," said Fisher.

Blount was charged Monday with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell and also possession of a firearm, which was later confirmed stolen.

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