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US Marine Corps Celebrates B-Day on Fort Sill

FORT SILL Okla_ It's a big happy birthday to the US Marine Corps.

The detachment at Fort Sill celebrated the Corps' 138th year Thursday. Thursday's cake cutting is part of a tradition that the oldest and the youngest marines participate in. Those honors fell to 18-year-old Private Todd Nichols and Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Phil Beck this time.

Beck said this celebration gives new marines their first look at what it really means to be a member of a group with such a proud legacy.

"This is a young man's opportunity to wear the uniform," Beck said. "It takes a lot of physical stamina and strength. As you get older, you get wiser, but you may not have the physical stamina you once did."

The Marine Corps birthday is actually November 10th. Having the oldest and youngest marines cut the cake symbolizes the passing on of experience and knowledge.




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