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Clemency denied for death row killer

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board has denied clemency to a death row inmate convicted of raping and murdering two elderly women more than 26 years ago.
   The five-member board voted 4-1 Friday against clemency for 53-year-old Ronald Clinton Lott. Currie Ballard was the only board member to vote for commuting Lott's death sentence to life in prison without parole.
   Lott apologized for the pain he had caused the victims and their families and asked for forgiveness.
   Lott was convicted in Oklahoma County on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 83-year-old Anna Laura Fowler in September 1986 and 93-year-old Zelma Cutler in January 1987. Evidence included DNA samples taken from the victims that were matched to Lott.
   Lott is scheduled to be executed Dec. 10.

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