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Volunteer fire department unveils stylish tanker

Comanche County_The Cox's Store Volunteer Fire Department may not be the biggest one around, but you can't miss them when they roll out to a fire, thanks to the custom paint job the volunteers added to their newest addition to the fleet.

They picked up an old water tanker truck from the U.S. Department of Forestry last year. Since then, they've stripped, sanded and painted the truck to reflect the pride of the crew and the surrounding community.

Fire Chief Jody Dreves said the truck was originally painted in typical army-style camouflage. But, 23 firefighters spent 500 man-hours over the course of one year, 23 firefighters and *500* man hours later, it was transformed into a state-of-the-art tanker.

"It definitely turns heads when it goes down the street."

The tank is now silver, with bright red flames on the side.  The cab is painted red and yellow, with the fire department's emblem attached to the front grill.  The fire department's name is now on the tank and the doors. But, Dreves said it's not all flash, without functionality. The tanker has doubled their water capacity, from 5,000 gallons to 10,000. 

"We spent several years looking for the right tractor-trailer setup so that we could have the water capacity that we needed. We found the tractor last year, and the trailer last fall, so we've been working on it ever since."

Dreves said the homeowners who depend on the fire department should see a direct impact on their pocketbooks.

"With this water capacity, we'll be able to reduce our insurance rating, and therefore, saving our community money in their homeowner's premiums. So, it's a pride factor. It helps us do our job, but it benefits our community and that's what it's all about. We built this. We did this. We all came together. You may not have been there every night to work on it, but everybody has a hand in it.
And that just unites us even more."

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