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Kiwanis Archery Tournament Draws Students From Across Oklahoma

LAWTON, Okla- Students from all over Oklahoma aimed to take home the top prize in the Kiwanis "On Target Tournament" Saturday.

Hundreds filled the Great Plains Coliseum to take their shot at a new event that was created to raise awareness for the sport of archery, and to give students something new to do.

6th grader Jadyn Davis has been competing in archery for two years now. She is currently ranked number one on her school's team.

But Jadyn's love for the sport is something that has grown since she first picked up the bow and arrow at a camp.

And she said she is so good because she can easily shake off a missed a shot.

"If I miss, it just gets me more pumped up to do better next time. So I missed one arrow today, but I focused more and I got one in the yellow," said Davis.

Saturday the archers competed not only for their school, but individually as well.

The sport has picked up in Oklahoma with 370 teams at schools statewide.

Proceeds from Saturday's tournament will go toward improving and funding archery programs.

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