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Fort Sill Celebrates Veterans of all Generations

Fort Sill_Over one hundred veterans, soldiers and other supporters gathered outside McNair Hall to pay homage to those keeping our country free.

Ceremonial songs played and military flags flew together to help with the tribute. Representatives from Fort Sill and local veterans posts spoke about the military community's commitment to these special men and women.

In the words of one vet, it was definitely a exhilarating and thrilling day. Many vets we spoke to told us it was humbling to see so much respect coming from current soldiers all hoping to someday fill their shoes.

Right where many careers began years ago, generations of hard work were celebrated in full regalia at Fort Sill this morning. And as vets from World War II to Afghanistan were all represented, even another group known for fighting the "Forgotten War" in Korea was certainly not forgotten today.

"It was surprising because it has been a forgotten war for such a long time, and it's just recently that people are beginning to recognize what the sacrifices of the Korean War.  So when they mentioned us, it was a thrill...I have to be honest, it was a thrill for all the veterans that are from Korea," said veteran Bud Arenz.

Fort Sill Commanding General Mark McDonald says honoring all vets in southwest Oklahoma isn't just necessary, it's a privilege.

"The sense of service in the Lawton/Fort Sill community is huge because we're closely connected to Fort Sill.  But, there are tons of veterans that are in our ranks. In fact, the majority of our leaders around the community are veterans of one type or the other," he said.

And for veteran Bill Ford, November 11th is a day he won't soon forget.

"We all just think about how proud we are to have served our country and we hope other generations can see that same pride in us and feel that and come around and be part of what we've done," he said.

"We stand in the best army and the best military in the world on the backs of those that have come before us. Our Vietnam veterans, our Korea veterans, our World War II veterans that we don't have many left anymore, they have made this country great. So we just thank them," said Major General McDonald.


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