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Car Ends Up in Lawton Pond, Driver Walks Away

LAWTON Okla_ It was a bizarre sight in east Lawton Tuesday, as a car plummetted into a residential pond.

Police and dive teams were called to the Eastlake subdivision at the corner of Flowermound and Old Cache Road around 10:30AM. When they arrived, they found the car submerged, and the driver was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, no one was inside the car when it was towed out of the water this afternoon. Police want to know how the car got there in the first place.

"I saw something dark in the water that was large, and I thought, ‘What in the world is that?'" Eastlake Resident Billy Davis said.

He said he drove past the pond around Tuesday morning, and he knew something wasn't right.

"As I drove on further down, I thought, ‘That's the back of a car,'" Davis said. "So, I saw something kind of round bobbing. It turned out to be a man's head."

According to witnesses, that man swam to shore and walked away after slamming his car straight into the pond. Davis said he called 911 immediately.

"9-1-1 asked me if I would go back and see if he was still there," Davis said. "I returned, and he was gone."

Another witness said she saw the man get into a car with two women before taking off. Police and dive teams arrived on the scene shortly after, and they were able to pull the car out of the water, launching a search for who's responsible.

"One of the first things we put out when we got here is to find out, make sure if anyone was going to the hospital for any kind of hypothermia or cold-related injuries to notify us immediately to let us know what's going on," Lawton Police Detective Jim Cowley said.

They're not sure why the driver disappeared, and questions will remain unanswered until he's found.

"We got people who get scared when the police show up or start coming," Cowley said. "It could've been some kids skipping school, or it could be alcohol-related. There's all kinds of scenarios involved, but we just don't know the answers as of yet."

Police have since been able to locate the driver. They believe he fell asleep at the wheel after working an overnight shift. Instead of contacting police, he called family and notified his insurance company right after the accident. In turn, the insurance company was able to connect him to officers later this afternoon. According to police, he's doing just fine.



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