Fighting Hunger in America

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 7News will be participating in a Twitter event to help raise money and awareness against the growing hunger problem in America.

The event is a Tweet-A-Thon designed to raise money and awareness for Feeding America, an organization committed to hunger relief in America. ABC News' Dr. Besser will be hosting the #abcDrBChat Tweet-A-Thon Tuesday. For each tweet published with the hashtag #abcDrBChat during the hour-long chat, ABC and Dr. Besser will donate $1 to Feeding America, up to $10,000.

Join us in the 'Dr. B Chat' Fighting Hunger in America from 12:00PM-1:00PM Tuesday. You can simply sign in to your own Twitter account and tweet into the chat using the hashtag. If you tweet this way, you must include the #abcDrBChat hashtag, or your tweet won't be counted. If you'd like to follow the chat more closely and tweet without manually typing the hashtag every time you tweet, you can join the TweetChat. Choosing the TweetChat option will allow you to see every tweet published with the hashtag, even if you aren't following its author. You can join the TweetChat by following these simple steps:

1.       Sign on to Twitter

2.       Next, go to and sign into the app

3.       Enter the hashtag #abcDRBchat

4.       Follow the chat. Tweet as often as you like.

5.       Add appropriate topic "T"s to all responses. There are typically 6-8 topics during the chat.

Join 7News and ABC in fighting hunger in America!