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Man Killed In Crash After Carjacking

Burkburnett, TX._ A man died here in an early morning wreck after the car he was driving went off the road, hit a culvert and flipped near Daniels Rd.

Minutes before Kyle Huston, 44, was ejected, Delandra Pate, Lawton, watched him wreck his own car in another crash.

Pate saw a car swerve off the I-44 westbound lane directly into a highway sign on her commute to work this morning. She quickly looped around to the driver's rescue.

"'Sir, sir are you okay'," she called out to the man. "He never responded"

The man looked dazed and confused but alert, she recalled. When she told him police were on the way the man made his way toward her car just feet away.

Thinking the man needed a place to sit down she offered the man the back seat, but he insisted on sitting in the front. He soon got forceful, hitting Pate to the ground.

"‘He's trying to steal my car,'" said Pate, who went from helping him to defending herself.

She climbed into the back seat of her car trying to find her keyless car starter. After a few minutes of searching the man put the car into drive.

"My foot was out the door, trying still to gain leverage, fighting and tussling with him, and I just remember sliding straight out the car real fast," she recalled Monday night.

He took off down a service road in the wrong direction at high speeds. He made it less than two miles before the car swerved off the road causing the car to roll over and him being ejected.

"I don't know what he was running for and I think that's always going to stay with me," said Pate.

Huston, the alleged carjacker, was pronounced dead upon arrival at United Regional hospital. 

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