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Home Invasion Victim Deters Burglar

LAWTON Okla_ A loud bang early Monday morning sent a Lawton woman running into her living room to investigate, but she never expected to find her front door kicked in and an intruder standing there.

It happened near northwest 23rd and Lincoln just before 3:00AM. Police believe

Steven Williams intended on burglarizing the home thinking no one was inside, but his plans were foiled after the homeowner refused to let him get away.

Through this whole ordeal, somehow Denise Laurel said she was able to stay calm. She said after she heard the loud noise, she thought she'd find her husband working on a project. Instead, she found a stranger in her home. She said that's when she made up her mind that he wouldn't get away.

"When he kicked in the door and the wood splattered to the floor, that's when I came out of the room," Denise said. "He saw me, and he ran out."

With no weapon but her voice, she sent the intruder running back through the door he had just forced open. Denise believes that with her husband's van gone, the intruder thought no one was home. He was wrong, and she wanted to make sure he knew it.

"I am not going to tolerate someone coming into my house," she said. "I am not going to let them think that I am afraid, because I am not. This is ridiculous."

That's why Denise's first thought after the intruder ran back out the door was to continue to take action.

"Go get the kid, so that when the police got here, they could have him," Denise said.

She said the burglar was smart enough to use the driveway as he made his approach into the home, but once she confronted him, his frantic getaway left plenty of prints in the snow. Denise not only traced his shoe prints, but also kept an eye on him, watching as he ran to meet two friends. Any information she collected she relayed to the dispatcher, so police knew exactly where to find him. Once they did, Denise insisted on confronting him.

"I am not going to be afraid of them," Denise said. "I am going to walk out there, and I am going to stand there. They are going to see me looking at them."

While the intruder didn't get away with any of the couples' belongings, Denise has a special message. It's not one of anger, but of hope the man will learn from this.

"We all need to work and not take," Denise said. "If he or any of them need a computer, I got extras. All they have to do is ask. If they need food, I got extra. I might not have a lot, but what I have I can give away."

This incident came not long after Denise watched someone break into her neighbor's home. So, she we was mostly concerned with justice being served. Steven Williams is currently in the city jail.




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