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Day Care Employees Will Be Fingerprinted After New Law

LAWTON Okla_ Fingerprinting will become part of the normal routine if you decide to apply for a job at a day care in Oklahoma. A new law requires all new employees at day cares to be fingerprinted as part of the background check process.

This law went into effect November 1st but the new handbooks and applications were just recently received from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Fingerprinting and background checks through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are both part of the long application process required by the state to be hired at a day care. This is just another effort to make sure that children are left in the best hands possible.

"I feel like it's going to be a lot safer and in my opinion I think it should be that way," said Carrie Mull.

Carrie Mull is a mother of a three year-old and also an employee at Children of Joy Learning Academy.

"I know through being hired here that it is a lot of work and process to get hired on. So I think it would be a safer reassurance for the parents," said Mull.

While this may be an extra safeguard for parents, it does come at a price for applicants.

"Currently it was $18.00 to have your OSBI background completed and different states have different amounts. So now fingerprinting is costing $53.00, that is a considerable cost whenever you are a new applicant at a new job," said Amy Lafleur.

Principal at Children of Joy Learning Academy, Amy Lafleur says getting fingerprinted won't be as easy as just going to your local police station; you will have to go to a specific vendor chosen by the state to have them taken.

"There is no value to put on a child's life, so you want to make sure you have the best employees you can," said Lafleur.

Mull doesn't think this extra step will detour people from applying to jobs in the day care industry.

"Child care is something that I think a lot of people either want to do child care or you don't, I don't think it's a maybe kind of thing. So if you want to the process is just something you're going to have to go through," said Mull.

The new law will also require all current day care employees and owners to get fingerprinted, but they will have until November of 2016 to do so.

There is an online database of people prohibited from working or owning a day care facility called the child care restricted registry. This registry includes people that have committed violent crimes against children.



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