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Woman's Remains Confirmed Found

ALTUS Okla_ Altus police confirmed Wednesday they found a body at the site where Garland Allen said he buried his ex-wife, Tracy, twelve years ago after beating her to death with a rifle.

A crew began digging Tuesday at an abandoned and overgrown camp site in Kiowa County just north of the Tom Steed Reservoir. Allen had identified a very specific 4'x4' area. Crews were moving slowly so they wouldn't accidentally disturb any evidence of human remains.

Detective Perkins is one of the lead investigators on this case. He's been on it for five years. In fact, he interviewed Garland Allen just days before the arrest warrant was issued. He also talked to several other people connected to the case including Tracy Allen's mother. So, finding what appears to be Tracy's body Wednesday is a huge step forward. Perkins said they are hopeful that they will be able to excavate her body Wednesday, but they are trying to keep the body intact, which is a tedious process.

"You want to be able to examine her in what we would call a sterile environment," Perkins said. "You don't want to contaminate any evidence. So, you try to keep everything contained as much as possible."

While they may have a body, Perkins said this case is not being closed.

"We are still looking into other avenues and other persons that may have been involved, not necessarily with the murder, but with covering up the crime," Perkins said.

Perkins said while this case was cold, it has never been inactive.

"I would travel to different areas and talk to different people multiple times throughout the years, and that's the key on these, too: being patient and persistent," Perkins said.

Perkins said after he felt like he had run down all the leads he had, they decided to ask the team from "Cold Justice" for their help.

"Financially, it was huge that they help," Perkins said. "Like I was saying, we had three experts in the field and fresh eyes looking at the case."

Perkins said while working with the crew from the show was exciting. He said he learned a lot, and that was not the important part to him. It was the case.

"My satisfaction and my excitement come from being able to call Tracy's mom and tell her it's over," Perkins said. "We've found her, and we can bring her home to you."

Perkins said while they do believe the body is Tracy Allen, they won't know for sure until the body is sent to the state medical examiner's office for an autopsy. The episode of "Cold Justice" featuring the case of Tracy Allen will be airing on the show's second season, which starts mid-January.


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