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Lawton 8-year-old tests positive for cocaine

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Lawton, Okla._New information tonight on the story of that eight-year-old boy who was found at school last month with drugs in his system.  Police are now on the lookout for his mother.

A warrant has been issued for 24-year-old Brittany Copeland. She's facing charges of child neglect after cocaine was found in her son's system. As we first reported last night, on November 18th, the child tested positive for cocaine after he began acting violently and erratically at school.

It took police and the District Attorney's office a little over three weeks to compile all the information in order to issue the warrant for Copeland's arrest. According to the affidavit, this isn't Copeland's first drug-related run-in with the law. So when she told police she didn't know where the cocaine came from, her history told them otherwise.

It was at this home at 1812 Ferris where an eight-year-old boy later told authorities that he found cocaine in his mother's bedroom.

"Apparently he found it in a movie case, a DVD case," said Capt. Akard.

Captain Craig Akard with the Lawton Police Department says it's too difficult to tell how much of the drug the child actually ingested, but it's effects on the boy were clear within hours.

"He was at school and he started acting I guess strange would be the best way to say. Different than what he normally does," said Capt. Akard.

After displaying unusual bad behavior in class, it was the boy's actions on the bus that afternoon that hinted to school officials that something was wrong.

"On the school bus, there was something else that happened. There was some property that got damaged," said Akard.

That's when the child was sent to the Southwestern Behavioral Center where he tested positive for cocaine. But when he came clean to authorities, police interviewed his mother, Brittany Copeland, who claimed she had no clue where the substance came from. But according to court documents, Copeland was serving a four-year suspended sentence for drug possession from 2011. In addition, cocaine had been found in her system since that sentence was handed down. That led officials to issue the warrant for Copeland's arrest today. But in cases like these, there are no winners.

"He could've easily ingested enough to where it ended up killing him.

 He might not have known what he was doing, he just saw it.

And it just hits closer to home when it's a child."

All of Copeland's children, including the eight-year-old have been placed in DHS custody. With the warrant now issued, the District Attorney has also filed a motion to have her suspended sentence revoked.


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