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Postal Workers Busiest During Christmas

LAWTON Okla_ It's the busiest time of year for the postal service, trying to get all the gifts and cards you've sent out to their final destination.

The week before Christmas is the busiest week of their year. From long lines forming with people trying to ship packages to their trucks filled with letters and packages needing to be delivered, their role in Christmas is very important.

The Lawton postmaster said historically, the Monday before Christmas is their busiest day of the year. It lived up to its expectations this year. He said there was always a line, and they closed their doors at 5PM, but there were still so many people lined up in the lobby. Their last customer didn't leave until almost 6PM.

Lawton Postmaster JT Hoffman said when you're expecting a package, there is no need to worry about it getting taken from your porch.

"We pretty much like for the people, if they're not home, to come up to the post office to retrieve their parcel or their package instead of leaving it out there on the porch," Hoffman said. "So many packages get lost or taken from people's residence unknowingly."

There will be a note on your door asking you to come pick it up.

"Even though it may be an inconvenience for the customer to have to come to post office to pick up a package that doesn't require a signature, at least we know they are coming to get that package, instead of leaving it out there," Hoffman said.

Not all packages require a signature.

"On delivery conformation packages, those are packages we can track through the system," Hoffman said. "They do not require a signature, and if a customer is home, we will scan those as a delivered item and give those to the customer."

If you still have cards and packages to send, here is what you need to know to ensure recipients in the US get their items by Christmas Eve:


  1. For first-class mail, they must be shipped by Friday, Dec. 20.
  2. For priority mail, they must be shipped by Saturday, Dec. 21.
  3. For priority mail express, they must be shipped by Monday, Dec. 23.

Hoffman said a volunteer group of postal workers will be working on Christmas Day to deliver any last-minute packages and to ensure everyone in Lawton has a Merry Christmas.

It's estimated that from black Friday to New Year's Day, the postal service will handle 15 billion packages.


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